Lawton's Lingerie is long established business that specialises in the retail and manufacture of most types of lingerie, nightwear and hosiery, with all goods discounted by 15%

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All lingerie in this store is at least 15% below recommended retail price...........................All orders over £50 are carriage paid within the United Kingdom.............................

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Most ladies are wearing the wrong size bra, so please check yours by following this simple guide carefully for a perfect fit

  1. It is essential you ask some one else to measure you.
  2. Wear a comfortable non-padded bra.
  3. Note the size.
  4. When being measured stand relaxed with arms buy your side.


  1. Measure under the bust, around the rib cage, keeping the tape horizontal (donít let the back drop low) with the tape close but not tight (this must be comfortable). Note this measurement.
  2. If the measurement is an even number add 4"(10cm) eg: -32"+4"=size=36". This is your bra size.
  3. If the measurement is an odd number add 5" (12cm) eg: -33"+5"=size=38". This is your bra size.



  1. Measure the fullest part of the bust keeping the tape horizontal with the tape close but not tight (do not squash the bust). The tape should stay comfortably in place.
  2. Check the measurement with your bra size. If it is:-

1"(3cm) less you are a = AAcup

The same size = Acup

1"(3cm) more you are a = Bcup

2"(5cm) more you are a = Ccup

3"(8cm)more you are a = Dcup

4"(10cm)more you are a = DDcup

5"(13cm)more you are a = Ecup

6"(15cm)more you are a = Fcup

7"(18cm)more you are a = FFcup

8"(20cm)more you are a = Gcup

9"(23cm)more you are a = GGcup

10"(26cm)more you are a = Hcup

11"(28cm)more you are a = HHcup

12"(30cm)more you are a = Jcup

Now compare the size you have with the bra you are wearing, remembering if you have worn and washed it much it may have stretched.

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Measuring Guide

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Business Established 1959.

Lingerie, nightwear, underwear, briefs, bras, hosiery, sports, bridal, knickers, Basques, mastectomy, maternity, thongs, suspenders, Triumph, Gossard, Playtex, Fantasie, Wonderbra, Charnos.